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Darrel and Marsha Anderson
Don Bachardy
Peter Blake
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Brown and White Law Offices
Gerald Buck
Gary Cambio
Andi Campognone
Chris Coleman
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Eric Johnson
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Eric Sanders
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Joseph R. Stack
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Taylor Art Collection
(Denver, Colorado)
Twinka Thiebaud
Kelly Tucker, MD


“Paint Fight : The Road Trip Rematch” 2018
“Truth & Beauty - The Art of Tom Dowling” 2017
“Paint Fight” portrait dual with William Wray 2014
“Natasha’s Transition” 2014
“Objectified” 2013
“Vintage Artique” 2013
“Cruzin Ride” 2012
“Vintage America” 2012
Stages of a Portrait of Artist Eric Johnson 2012
Various Stages of a Portrait; Brett Rubbico 2012
Painting Eric Minh Swenson 2012
Bradford interviews Don Bachardy (3 separate videos) 2011
“Looking for Genius” with Alex Schaefer 2011
“Looking for Genius” with Don Bachardy 2011
“Looking for Genius” with Mat Gleason 2011
“Better Angels” 2010


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