Orange Chair Interviews:
-Part 1 Mat Gleason (10:31 min.)
-Part 2 Don Bachardy (13:20 min.)
-Part 3 Alex Schaefer (9:44 min.)
"Looking For Genius" Film Series
Bradford interviews Don Bachardy on:
-Diebenkorn, Gehry... (6:26 min.)
-Warhol, Hockney (10:00 min.)
-Dali, Bacon & Freud (8:17 min.)
Portrait/Figurative Painting
-Eric Minh Swenson progression (1:09 min.)
-Brett Rubbico progression (1:09 min.)
-Ashley Bravin progression (1:23 min.)
Vintage Objects
-Vintage America (2:32 min.)
-Cruzin Ride (2:51 min.)
-Vintage Artique (3:09 min.)
-Objectified (7:53 min.)
-Natasha's Transition (3:30 min.)
-Eric Minh Swenson (32:58 min.)
-Paint Fight: portrait dual with William Wray (4:09 min.)
-Nude Survey One by EMS (7:57 min.)
-A Portrait of Lou Swenson (6:15 min.)
Interview From 1990
-Cable TV show titled
"From Around LA"
-Portrait progression of Kat (1:24 min.)
-Source of Inspiration (5:46 min.)
"Truth & Beauty"
-A documentary on the art and artistic
process of Tom Dowling (29:53 min.)
-Portrait progression of Kim Abeles (1:17 min.)